Pounded Copper Earrings

Pounded Copper Earrings
[ 5 Available ]

(approximately 2 1/2" long)
post earrings will vary..

New life for old post earrings.
On a trip to visit friends on Orcas Island we were hit with a humongous rain storm. I mean even for us North West folks, this was A LOT of rain. Luckily, Greg and Janice have this amazing workshop where you can (under expert supervision) forge metal, weld stuff, make pottery, do any kind of carpentry project or even brew beer! I found that I love taking a hammer to metal and made these earrings. Drilling a small hole at the top makes them interchangeable with your old post earrings so get those little guys out of the back of the jewelry box and show them some love.

$30 (includes Shipping)

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