Leather Cuffs

Old belts=New cuffs! I'm having so much fun with old leather belts. The worn leather makes them comfy to wear and because each section of the belt is different, each cuff is different. I'm always looking for ways to use all the the salvaged beads I've collected over the years and I love the contrast of something shiny and feminine with something a little rugged.
Cuffs are approximately 9 inches and fastened with an industrial snap.

Have an old belt? Custom orders are always welcome.

Vintage western with Turquoise
6 Available

I love old Western belts. It came from a vintage cowboy shop near the Tri-Cities and was a gift for my cuff craze from my Step Dad. The turquoise bead is from a bracelet that I bought in Mexico last year from a beach vendor at Mismaloya. Turquoise is a stone of spirit and protection. Each cuff is crafted individually and varies slightly in design.

$40 includes shipping

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